Life, The Universe, and Everything.

I made a MyStory. It’s a work in progress, especially since the design is kind of awful. I’m happy with the overall concept of fantasy and flavor text, but oh man is it ugly. Some of the quotes have been altered slightly, but here’s what they’re from: Origins: -The Hobbit -Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s […]

Songs of Sappho

Get it? Because Sappho wrote lyrics? And this is a playlist assignment? Songs? It’s been a long week, y’all. So here’s the ebook. I updated the language a bit (got rid of all the thees and thous and thys), but mostly I just played with formatting. There’s not a lot of rhyme or reason to it, […]

“The Maids sprout feathers, and fly away as owls.”

Krista Ratcliffe’s Rhetorical Listening positions listening as something deeply connected to race and gender and encourages its use as a code of cross cultural conduct. Throughout her essay, Ratcliffe references women who have been silenced, and women who have been given voice recently. This is something we see quite frequently in adaptations of classical works. Looking only […]

Like My Mirror Years Ago

When I find an album I like, I listen to it over and over again on repeat until I know every word to every song. Most of those albums are show tune and concept albums because I appreciate an album that resembles a movie. I have some favorite instrumental/classical albums (Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker is a perennial […]

Splendor & Misery

Adam Banks’ Digital Griots discusses African American multimedia writing as something between tradition and future, with emphasis on performative and musical writing. While reading, I was reminded of the album Splendor and Misery by the group Clipping. Splendor and Misery is described by the label as: “…an Afrofuturist, dystopian concept album that follows the sole survivor of a slave uprising […]

Win Deaux

I took a hundred pictures of windows. Most of these particular windows come from Royal, St. Peter, and St. Ann street in the French Quarter. I took almost all of them after work, so between 10-12 at night. I like the way windows light up the Quarter at night. There aren’t a ton of street […]