i can haz rhetoric?

Upon first reading George A. Kennedy’s “A Hoot in the Dark,” I thought it was a cute idea. Animals engaging in rhetoric, what’s not to love? But then something began to bother me. Because it wasn’t just a cute article about animals being “persuasive.” What Kennedy is proposing is that rhetoric is a meme. No, […]

Germany, America, Japan.

(Source: Existential Comics) While Heidegger was not exactly “against” the use of technology, he does seem to be extremely resistant to the ways in which it is typically used. That is, as a way to change the world to suit the needs of humanity. Heidegger would seem to prefer technology act as a medium for expression, […]

Aristotle’s Rhetoric

So I did this litograph/Sofia Coppola inspired thing for Aristotle’s Rhetoric. It’s a 24×36″ poster, with the entirety of Rhetoric printed on it. If you click the pdf, you’ll see the full size and you can zoom in (to check my work) or what have you. Since it’s (obviously) not meant to be read the white on white […]